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When pain gets unbearable, it becomes medicinal- Dr Kumar विश्वास

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• By Alok

Q- You have sung in all corners of the world what is the most memorable experience?

Ans- My best experience was when I was called to perform at the Google headquarters in USA. The feeling that Google the treasure hub of knowledge was giving Hindi and one of its Poet such respect was memorable and satisfying. The discussion about how to make the best use of this great language was heartening. Thatwas the moment I thought that Hindi and I have travelled a long way in promoting it to the global level. It was a very fulfilling experience as a poet and also as an ardent servant of Hindi language.

Q- Your poetry “Koi DewanaKehtahai” has crossed all barriers and boundaries touching hearts globally, how did it happen?

Ans- When the new modes of communication were coming into vogue in 2000, and Orkutand YouTube were gaining recognition. I had a strong feeling that if Hindi needs to travel with time then it has to adopt these new modes of communication. India being one of the youngest countries in the world as per the current average age of itspopulation, Hindi joining hands with social media was a big thing. So in spite of huge opposition from the traditional orthodox poets I adopted this medium and also the common man’s language rather than heavy literary words. This is how I and ‘Koi DewanaKehtahai”…reached and touchedhearts across all frontiers.

Q- There is news that you might be doingmovies, writing or acting.Is it true though that the standard of Hindi, especially in songs are quiteordinary?

Ans- I have written few songs for a film called Bhairevi, sung by legendary Asha Bhonsale. Few songs are in the pipeline. Hindi is suffering in Hindi films due to the market pressures, they have to make and sell a film in the market as a product with-in 9 months, so everything is done in a rush compromising with what’s available rather than taking time to seek quality. For Sahir to write you need Gurudatt to display, that patience and talent is lacking in the industry. But if you write well and singgood, people will like it. The popularity of the songs sung by RahutFateh Ali khan are good examples of it.

asha bhsle -kumar vishwas

Q – Poet as sensitive as you is in politics now, how difficult is it to survive and sail in such volatile environment of non-stop criticism and abuse?

Ans- Challenges are part of life, especially for me, initially the inner conflict as a student, then beinga lover, then to survive in an uncertain profession as a poet.So over all life has never been smooth, instead it worked well and proved a great catharsis for good poetic diction. And now as we have jumped into the crusade to serve our great country with a cause ….let it be so.

गालिब का एक शेर है-

“दर्द का हद से गुजर जाना है, दवा हो जाना”

(When pain gets unbearable, it becomes medicinal).

I wrote few lines some time ago, which got very popular, reflecting the political state of affairs- describing best our detractors-

“यह जो तुम्हारे

हाथ में पत्थर,

छुरी और बेंत है ,

यह सब तुम्हारी हार के स्वीकार के संकेत हैं”।


Q We are all looking forward to have you here in New Zealand. What do you have to say to you fans here?

Ans- I am excited to come to New Zealand which was a long term dream as I have heard so much about its beauty and awesome people. I heartfully thank Indianz X-PRESS Newspaper to invite me and give me the opportunity to interact with the Indians who through their hard work, honesty and integrityhave been making name for themselves and making all of us proud in that corner of the world.And I promise we will have an evening of our life time in Wellington and Auckland full of classic poetry, fantastic humour, sublime patriotism and unforgettable fun together.

See you all soon ….

Love you.

Dr Kumar Vishvas Schedule in New Zealand

Live Radio Interview & Interaction with listeners on 105.3 Wellington Hindi Radio

Dr Kumar Vishwas will be live on air at 11 am 3rd September on 105.3 Wellington Hindi radio for live radio interview with the listeners.

Guest Lecture at Victoria University

Dr Kumar Vishv as will offer a guest lecture on the topic “Peace and Brotherhood Through The Lens Of Indian Heritage” at the invitation of Victoria University, at 1 PM in Murphy Building, Room 101, Kelburn Campus, Kelburn Parade, Victoria University at the invite of Society for Philosophy and Culture, Victoria University. Dr Vishvas will also take questions from the students and audience. It’s a free entry event which will be followed by sumptuous Indian lunch.

Meet Greet & Eat with lucky draw winner fans and Sponsors

Dr Vishvas on the eve of the concert on 3rd September at 7.30 will meet, greet and have dinner with the lucky draw winner (5) fans at Little India Restaurant and will also spend some quality time with the proud sponsors of the event.

Live in Concert- ‘Koi Dewana Kehtahai’ – Wellington

On 4th September much awaited event Dr Kumar Vishvas’s live in concert will take place in Wellington High School, Taranaki street, Wellington, auditorium at 8pm. To avoid any last minute hassle, get your ticket much in advance from any major Indian outlet or online from

Meeting AAP followers from all of New Zealand

As the internationalAamAdmi Party (AAP) convenor, Dr Kumar Vishvas will meet the AAP followers from all over New Zealand and will address and thank them for their support and appeal to keep the momentum going to make India a corruption free state. This meet will take place at 12 PM on 5th September at Accent restaurant, 71 Lunn Ave, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1072.

Live in Concert- ‘Koi Dewana Kehtahai’- Auckland

On 5th September, Live in concert ‘Koi DewanaKehtahai’ at 7.30 pmin Auckland’s Langham Hotel,83 Symonds St, Grafton, Auckland. Please get your tickets in advance to avoid last minute rush. For information about Auckland show, please can get in touch with Dinesh Raniga at 021 709 884.

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