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Our economy is performing well: Bill English

bill-english-1200_1By Hon. Bill English, Finance Minister NZ

In just two weeks on 26 May, I will be delivering Budget 2016 – our eighth Budget since we came into government.

Today, I gave my traditional pre-Budget speech to a business audience in Wellington, and outlined how Budget 2016 will include a wide range of initiatives that build on the good progress we’ve made over the past seven years.

Our economy is performing well and forecast to continue growing over the next few years. This year’s Budget will further advance our work to support a strong, growing economy.

It’s only through a strong, growing economy that we’re able to create more jobs, lift wages and deliver better public services to those who need them most.

Budget 2016 will include more investment into our public services to both meet the needs of a growing population and to support the most vulnerable New Zealanders.

We’ve already made a number of important announcements in the lead-up to the Budget that will help New Zealanders get ahead. These include:

  • $124m into Pharmac so it can fund more lifesaving drugs for more New Zealanders, including treatments for advanced melanoma and Hepatitis C.
  • $15m for more teacher aides for special needs children in school.
  • $41m for 3000 emergency housing placements a year across the country so people have access to a roof over their head when they need it most.
  • $187m for a small business tax package, including reforming provisional tax to give 110,000 small businesses a pay-as-you-go option from 1 April 2018.


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