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Hi everyone – Chris Bishop here, your local MP. This is an important post. It’s been awesome representing you over the last three years in Parliament, and I’d love to do it again for the next three years.

But I’ll be frank with you – the election’s going to be close, and I’ll only be your MP again if people get out and vote for me. So I thought I’d write down a few reasons why I think you should support me, and what you can expect from me if I’m re-elected. I hope you like what I’ve written, and if you do, please share it in your networks! I am very happy to discuss anything written below, or discuss. Just leave a message in the comments or flick me a message privately.

When National lost the election in 2017, I said publicly that when the new government did good things, I’d say so. And when they didn’t do a good job for the Hutt, I’d say that, too. I’ve tried to live by those words over the last three years.

My number one job is to push hard for things important for the Hutt’s future, and I reckon I’ve done that – that’s why my campaign slogan this year is “getting things done for the Hutt”. I am, and always will be, relentlessly positive about the future of the Hutt; and a relentless advocate for our community.

In the last three years, I’ve worked hard on getting big things done for the Hutt, like the new Melling Interchange. When the project was pushed to 2028 or later, I helped lead the fightback alongside the community. Delivering that project is a top priority for me in the next term of Parliament.

I worked hard with other local leaders on the successful campaign to save the Airport Flyer in 2018 – and now I’m working hard on fixing the service, and making sure it runs to the Hutt.

People often ask why I want to be an MP – the hours are long and it’s tough on family life, and on the waistline!

The best thing about being your local MP is getting to help people. Not just on the big projects – but on the small things that make a difference in people’s day to day lives. Things like fog cannons in dairies to help stop robberies; getting the footpaths flat so regular users in wheelchairs can cross the road safely; fixing broken lights in bus stops. Helping families of refugees be reunited; people get into social housing; and obtain operations they need.

At the end of the day when it comes to voting – I’d ask you to ask yourself what you’re looking for in an MP. If you want someone who is hard-working, passionate about their community, with a track record of getting things done, who will try and help anyone who walks through their door – then I reckon I’m for you.

So, what can you expect from me if I’m re-elected?

First, you can expect me to keep being active and out and about in our community. Someone once called me “the everywhere man” and the name seemed to stick, because I’m out and about a lot. People rightly expect to see their MP at community events and activities – so expect to see me at school fairs, down the Wainuiomata and Belmont Scouts annual mudslide, letting kids pelt me with paint at the Waterloo and Waiwhetu Kindergartens’ Colour Run, on the sausage sizzle at events, and more. Community is why I’m in politics.

Second, you can expect me to keep being myself. I’m not perfect – no one is – but I am who I am. I like hard rock music, good wine, cricket, KFC (those of you who follow my social media will know that). I’m not going to try and be someone I’m not – all I can do is promise to give it my all. Maybe the mullet will even make a return…

Third, the Hutt will always remain my number one priority. A few people have said to me that because I am on the National frontbench, that I’ll have less time for the Hutt. I don’t see it like that. The Hutt is where I live, it’s where I am from, and being on the frontbench of National as well as your local MP simply means I will just have to work harder in and around the community. That’s been the case for the past few months and it will remain the case in the future – but being on the frontbench also means I can push even harder for things that really matter for the Hutt – that’s a good thing.

Fourth, I’ll keep working hard on the big stuff that’s important for our future: increasing housing, improving our transport networks, investing in health and education. I’ll do that regardless of what party is in power. I developed National’s transport plan, and I reckon it’s awesome – but regardless of who wins the election, I’ll keep pushing for the Cross Valley Link, more money for our trains and buses, and future-focused projects like a second Wainuiomata access road.

In closing – I love being your local MP, and I’d love your support to be re-elected. Between now and October 17, please get out there and vote for me!


Chris Bishop

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